You Are God

In Sacrament meeting this morning, a speaker quoted this poem by Anne Peterson. I was so impressed by it, I wanted to share it with you. Below the poem is a link to where I found the poem on line and the author's website.

You are God

A lump of clay am I before you,
frowning at your forming fingers,
whining at each little whittle,
every single step.

In your time, my form is finished,
still I keep my comments coming,
disappointed in your details,
questioning your work.

Then it’s time to feel the furnace,
and my indignation heightens,
Do you know how hot the heat is?
Have you felt the fire?

Yet, you still continue working,
unaffected by my screaming.
Wanting only my completion,
on and on you work.

And finished now, I sit before you,
glazed and shining your reflection.
In this process to completion,
lessons I have learned.

Each procedure I would question,
armed with arrogance astounding,
till at last, I see so clearly,
You are God, not me.

As you go through your next trial, just remember, God does give us more than we can handle.
But never more than he can handle. He’s God.

Here's the link were I found the poem.

Anne Peterson's Web Site

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  1. I'm always curious where others find my work. Do you happen to know where the speaker found it??

    I'm glad you enjoyed the poem.