He Feels our Pain!

Below are two charts. They are allegories to explain my understanding of how the Savior understands our pains and trials. When I thought of the Savior understanding us and knowing what we are going through, I thought of it more like I do when I tell someone, "I understand," because I shared a similar experience. That's the bar chart. Each "event" is a single element in the chart. 

But what I realized today is the Savior understands us, not because He's been through a similar experience but because He's been through our experiences -- the Area chart. 

If the area under the line represent our life experiences, then He's experienced everything under the line. When He says, "I understand how hurt you feel, because of the persecution you've experienced." He means He feels the pain and the shame you feel. He understands my pain, because He feels it along with me. Likewise when we do any act of charity or kindness, He feels that too.

Maybe its old news to you, but it gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of the scripture that says, "if ye have done it unto the least of these... ye have done it unto me."

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  1. I like how your concluding statement sheds a different viewpoint to ponder on this.