Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mormon - Agency the Great Gift

One of the great truths taught with sobering, life changing power in the end of Mormon is God allows us our agency. He’s given us the freedom to choose what we want to do, right up to destroying ourselves.

It is hard for me to grasp that, in fact I’m certain it’s probably the most difficult thing in the world to do… to let those you love make choices you would not make. Especially when you have the power to do something about it. I’m certain if He allowed Himself, He could steer us clear of every mistake, every hurt, and every misfortune. But He doesn’t. That alone is why He is God and no one else.
I really like what Elder Hales said in Conference last week along this line: “you can’t pray away another’s agency.” How true that is. The only real and lasting growth comes from within… because you want it. Anything forced through external means will eventually fail and prove fruitless. Satan never figured this out. God understands it perfectly.

A note: As you may be aware, my entries are growing less frequent. Going forward, I will occasionally add entries to this blog, but for me personally, it has served its main purpose: to help frame the messages contained within this book as they relate to my personal life. This process has carried me through a period of many changes within my life and my family. For now, I think I’m through the toughest part, so the great need I felt has passed too.

If you remember anything of what I’ve written here for the past year and a half it’s this: God lives. He hears our prayers and as we turn to Him, He will not leave us abandoned. I believe that with all my heart. I am a living testament to the truthfulness of that statement.